Is your congregation in a time of pastoral transition?

The Intentional Interim Fellowship for LCMC can help you understand your options!

The LCMC Intentional Interim Fellowship is made up of Pastors who feel called to serve the church in this intentional way in a season of transition. We provide education, resources, encouragement and support for congregations in transition.

An Intentional Interim Pastor walks with a congregation from the time a settled pastor leaves, through the interim and calling of the next settled pastor. The Intentional Interim provides pastoral leadership and helps a congregation grow in health, further understand their gifts and skills, and encourages them to prepare well for the next pastor.

Questions or for more information, email
or text/call IIF Co-Coordinator Marcus Carlson (719) 482-5248


Internal Resources

Intentional Interim Ministry Summary Sheet

Outside Resources

Interim Ministry: What is it?

Interim Ministry: When is it needed?

Interim Ministry: What type of interim ministry is needed?

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Are you a church in transition with questions? Email us and we or call us (Call us (Marcus Carlson) 719-482-5248.) will be glad to help.

More info coming soon!


More info coming soon!