Upcoming Trainings

Upcoming Training

Our training consists of three classes that are generally offered yearly. Each class includes three components: practical, theological, and leadership training. 

Intro to Intentional Interim Ministry (IIM) + May 20-22, 2024

This event provides an overview of IIM, presents key skills every Intentional Interim needs to cultivate. Intro to IIM is offered in person in Minnesota and via zoom. Begins the morning of May 20 and ends late afternoon on the 22. Register here.

IIM Intermediate Training + October 23-24, 2023 via Zoom

This event is for LCMC Pastors who have already completed Intro to IIM (or equivalent) and want to dig deeper.

IIM Advanced Training + January 22–25, 2024 in Mesa, AZ.

This in-person event is being hosted at Victory Lutheran Church in Mesa, AZ and is for LCMC Pastors who have already completed Intro to IIM (or equivalent). 

Monthly Drop-in Zoom + 4th Tuesday of most months

Join us most months to connect and sharpen your skills! 

Questions or for more information, email info@lcmciif.org
or text/call IIF Co-Coordinator Dawn Spies at (760) 208-0986

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