The LCMC Intentional Interim Fellowship is made up of Pastors who feel called to serve the church in this intentional way in a season of transition. We provide education, resources, encouragement and support for those who are a part of our fellowship.


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We offer three different types of education for intentional interim pastors: Training, Continuing Education and External offerings.


Our training consists of three classes that are generally offered yearly. Each class includes three components: practical, theological and leadership training. The three classes offered are: Intro, Intermediate and Advanced. Each training is 1.5-3.5 days in length.

Intro to Intentional Interim Ministry is usually offered each May and is offered both in person or via zoom.

Intermediate Training is usually offered each September on zoom only

Advanced Training is offered each January and is offered in person only.

Continuing Education

Continuing education opportunities are offered throughout the year covering specialized topics related to churches in transition and the work of intentional interim ministry.

External Offerings

The LCMC Intentional Interim Fellowship will share information about various trainings offered by outside organizations related churches in transition and the work of intentional interim ministry. Generally, these will come from trusted organizations vetted by the leaders of the fellowship

Community & Prayer

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Various members of our fellowship offer coaching for Intentional Interim Pastors whether they are serving in their first intentional interim or are experienced intentional interim pastors. A list of coaches, in alphabetical order can be found below.


Dr. Marcus J. Carlson – email

Mark Neuman – email

Dr. Dawn Spies – email